RO1 & RE:START Santa Poring Costume Promotion!


RO1 & RE:START Santa Poring Costume Promotion

From December 1st to December 15th, for every 1000 Kafra Points you spend on any RO1 or RE:START account, you will receive one Costume: Shining Santa Poring!

  • When equipped, EXP increases by 25% when defeating monsters during December 2017
  • Drops increases by 15% when defeating monsters during December 2017
  • Increases the healing rate of Carrots by 100%
  • Enables the dropping of Carrots when defeating monsters

This hat will also be available later in the month as a possible Christmas Event Reward.

Q: Can I get Multiple Hats?
A: Yes

Q: When will you distribute?
A: Every Maintenance for the sales ending at the midnight before until the event ends.

There and Back Again: Point Promotion


There and Back Again

Ragnarok Online / Ragnarok 2 Crossover Point Promotion Event

October 18 - November 6, 2017

A Nightmare on Prontera Street has brought the Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok 2 communities together to fight off a mutual foe. As you explore the entire Ragnarok Online saga this month, enjoy point rewards that can be used in your main game! All points spent during the event period will count toward tiers of rewards for Reward Coupons that can be redeemed for bonus points!

You will earn a Reward Coupon for each tier you unlock:

Each Reward Coupon will be issued once per account, and Coupon Codes expire one month from delivery date. Coupons will be given in the forum of Ragnarok 2 Points

Halloween 2017 - A Nightmare on Prontera Street


A Nightmare on Prontera Street

Our Ragnarok Halloween event has begun!

This time it's a brand-new, exciting crossover with Ragnarok 2! It's highly advised to play through both Ragnarok 1 and Ragnarok 2's Halloween quests to get the full experience, and maximum rewards.

Famous Stage Director, Cres Wraven, invites all Midgardians to Prontera Inn, where a mysterious adventure begins.

Location: East Prontera Inn

Quest Prerequisite: None

Repeatable Quest

To begin this quest, speak to Cres Wraven upstairs in the East Prontera Inn. 

From there, you'll eventually meet various other characters needing your assistance.
To experience this quest to its full potential, you'll want to hop into Ragnarok 2 and complete the corresponding Halloween quest. You can still complete this quest without playing through RO2's Halloween quest, although you'll miss out on more story and loot!

Quest Rewards

Here are the rewards you can get for completing this quest!

Pet Skelion

Pet Skelly Cat

This quest is repeatable once it's completed.
HINT: You may want to play it again and pick different options in order to get all of the possible rewards :)

Happy season of spooks!

Mad Bunny Shield Event


Mad Bunny Shield Event is ON!

Learn all about how you can participate here!



Speak to the Mad Bunny Merchant in Prontera next to the Silvervine NPCs


There are 2 options:


The first option allows you attempt to add a slot to a guard, shield, or buckler for 25 Silvervine. Each attempt to slot is a 5% chance.


The second option will automatically change any slotted guard, shield, or buckler into a Mad Bunny style shield for 400 Silvervine. This is a 100% chance at the Mad Bunny Style Shield.


If you choose the second option, make sure your item is equipped first. Your guard, shield, or buckler also needs to be slotted in order to change it into a Mad Bunny style shield. Please note, the refine level will be kept but any cards equipped to the item will be lost upon the change. This is a Mad Bunny style shield, a cosmetic-only change.




Race to 2nd Job!


Race to 2nd Job!



You got your head start, now hit the ground running with a Race to 2nd Job!


Event Start: July 5, 2017
Note: Any characters created before this date may still participate!
Event End: August 30, 2017


Any character that reaches their 2nd Job before August 30 will receive this lovely unique costume:


What are you waiting for?

Let's go, go, go!!