Mad Bunny Shield Event


Mad Bunny Shield Event is ON!

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Speak to the Mad Bunny Merchant in Prontera next to the Silvervine NPCs


There are 2 options:


The first option allows you attempt to add a slot to a guard, shield, or buckler for 25 Silvervine. Each attempt to slot is a 5% chance.


The second option will automatically change any slotted guard, shield, or buckler into a Mad Bunny style shield for 400 Silvervine. This is a 100% chance at the Mad Bunny Style Shield.


If you choose the second option, make sure your item is equipped first. Your guard, shield, or buckler also needs to be slotted in order to change it into a Mad Bunny style shield. Please note, the refine level will be kept but any cards equipped to the item will be lost upon the change. This is a Mad Bunny style shield, a cosmetic-only change.




Race to 2nd Job!


Race to 2nd Job!



You got your head start, now hit the ground running with a Race to 2nd Job!


Event Start: July 5, 2017
Note: Any characters created before this date may still participate!
Event End: August 30, 2017


Any character that reaches their 2nd Job before August 30 will receive this lovely unique costume:


What are you waiting for?

Let's go, go, go!!