Halloween 2018: A Supermundane Murder Mystery


Supermundane Murder Mystery


A Supermundane Murder Mystery


Halloween Quest 2018


A typical adventurer's delivery errand quickly turns sour as you discover a murder most foul set upon your route! Looks like your delivery will need to take a backseat as you assist the eclectic Detective Moose and Detective Squirrel solve this mystery!


A Sweet Delivery Turned Sour

Starting Location: Prontera (269, 120)

Starting NPC: Crying Kid

Required Level: 40


Find a crying kid in Prontera (269, 120) and help them with their candy delivery (unless you hate children). Looks like it's a rather important delivery, judging by the kid's reaction...

Crying Kid


Luckily, the kid will send you straight to where you're supposed to go. But before you can get any further, you're stopped by a detective!


Detective Squirrel


Your delivery has been interrupted by a murder most foul! These detectives could use a little help looking for clues. Be a good adventurer and stick around to help them out, will you?


Detective Moose


After you've discovered all the clues in order, the next stage of your adventure awaits you. What for, you ask? You'll have to play it yourself to find out! Speak to Jane Zombiton to be escorted out of the house so you can meet them in Niflheim.


Spooky Showdown

Required Level: 40


Rewards: Achievement Title, 1m EXP, 75k Job EXP, Costume Headgear


This is an Instance event! Make sure you have a Party ready before you confront Bellua!

After you meet with Detective Moose, Detective Squirrel, and Jane Zombiton, they will tell you that the mysterious Bellua of old ghost stories awaits you. Create your party, and once you've done so, speak to Jane Zombiton and select *Prepare yourself* from the menu. This books your instance, and when you're ready to enter, speak to her again and select I'm ready!


Instance Booking


After you've finished, you'll be taken back to your new friends waiting for you in Niflheim. As a token of gratitude, Jane Zombiton will grant you prizes, including an achievement, a costume item, and EXP!


Happy Hunting!

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2018: The Gilded Galapagos


The Gilded Galapagos


The Gilded Galapagos


Talk Like a Pirate Day Quest 2018


The legend of The Gilded Galapagos has resurfaced in Rune Midgard, and you're about to join the fun! Long ago, a notorious pirate crew called The Gilded Galapagos held 5 legendary maps that were rumored to lead to treasures guarded by fearsome monsters of the deep. A few mysterious pirate ships have sailed into Alberta bringing news of these legendary maps and the treasures they hide. Will you rise to the occasion and complete the tasks needed to reach these treasures? Then set sail on this brand new adventure with you and your crew!


The Journey Begins

Starting Location: Alberta (189, 164)

Starting NPC: William Rotator

Required Level: 55


Start your pirate adventure by speaking to William Rotator down by the Alberta docks. He'll enlighten you with the tale of Shoelace Sean and his cursed ship The Soaring Phantom, as well as the legend of the Gilded Galapagos and their treasure maps. With the premise set, you're ready to begin your quest!


William Rotator


Venture across Rune Midgard and collect pieces of ancient treasure maps that drop from monsters. There are 5 treasure maps in total, each one separated into 4 pieces:

  • Drake's Map Piece
  • Jellopy Map Piece
  • Khalitzburg Map Piece
  • Scaled Map Piece
  • Undead Servant's Map Piece


Once you collect all 4 pieces of at least one map, you may return to William Rotator to set sail on your next adventure!


Booking instance


Set Sail for Treasure Island


Required Level: 60

Rewards: Pieces of Five + Achievement


This is an Instance event! Make sure you have a Party ready before you set sail! Once William Rotator assembles your map, you and your Party will set sail for Treasure Island! Since it's your adventure, you'll be the captain of the ship! But beware, there be monsters out at sea lookin' to stop you and your crew from claiming their treasure!


Instance 1


After the initial threat's been cleared, speak again to William Rotator who will give you the OK to disembark and hunt after the final treasure. Once you land ashore, fight valiantly to defeat the final boss. When you do, a message will prompt you to claim your treasure. It'll be somewhere on the map! Click to claim your Pieces of Five and your special Achievement!


Instance 2


After a certain amount of time, William will inform you and your crew that they'll be sailing back to Alberta, and before you know it, you'll be back - treasure in tow!


Pieces of Five


Jacques Peco


Each map leads to different locations that will give you various amounts of Pieces of Five upon defeating their final boss. You can bring your Pieces of Five to Jacques Peco back aboard the ship in Alberta and exchange them for various goods!


Battle Manual X3 Buff
EXP rate increases to 300% for 30 minutes 50 Pieces of Five
HE Bubble Gum Buff
Item drop rate increases by 200% for 15 minutes 50 Pieces of Five
Condensed White Potion x 25
25 Condensed White Potions (restores 325-405 HP) 50 Pieces of Five
Adventurer's TowelAdventurer Towel
Adventurer's Trusty Towel

This trusty towel truly is the sidearm of an experienced adventurer, allowing one to remain cool in the face of adversity
Warning: Do not wear towel when in battle; it is only to be used in relaxed situations.
Cannot be Dropped or Traded.
Account Bound

Weight: 10

1000 Pieces of Five

Shoelace Sean

Shoelace Sean


Shoelace Sean is cursed to sail the seas, never to land, for another 3 centuries - though legend has it that the curse will be broken if all 5 treasures are claimed from the Gilded Galapagos' old treasure maps. Could it be true? Defeat all 5 bosses and collect their treasures to find out!

FREE VIP Weekend Event!


Free VIP

Get ready for FREE VIP, Adventurers!

The Ragnarok Online VIP Package is a wonderful way to gain incredible boosts to your EXP, discounts to various goods and services, and so much more! From June 1-4 2018, we're giving all our players a chance at experiencing our VIP Package totally for free!


Obtaining Free VIP

Receiving your four free days of VIP is simple! To begin, log into your WarpPortal account and go to the "Power Up" page located under "Account Management"



When the free VIP is ready to go, you should see a 4 Day VIP for 0 WP option in the purchase window. Select that one! Please note: This option will only be available during the allotted time, June 1-4! VIP status becomes active immediately after purchase, regardless of the date that purchase has been made. Limit only one Free VIP gift per Ragnarok RE:START account.




"Purchase" the Free VIP for 0 points! Your VIP status will be active for 4 days after you complete the purchase.


Thanks to all our players for their amazing support!



Enjoy your Free VIP Weekend!

Festival of Fashion


Festival of Fashion


Festival of Fashion is Here!


Midgardians, come one, come all! We are pleased to announce Ragnarok Online's first Festival of Fashion! During the festival, the following headgears will be available for rent from Fashionista NPC found on the first floor of the Eden Group (13,35). Adventurers may rent over 50 costumes from her from 5/9 - 5/22 11am for 10,000z a day. Here is a list of the available costumes to rent:


  • Costume Pegasus Wing Ears
  • Costume Dark Knight Mask
  • Costume Horned Hat
  • Costume Dragon General Helm
  • Costume Dragon Skull Hat
  • Costume Rainbow Ears Feather
  • Costume Lightning Speed
  • Costume Double Horn Helm
  • Costume Vanargand Helm
  • Costume Dagger In Mouth
  • Costume Quati Hat
  • Costume Black Shiba Inu Hat
  • Costume Umbala Spirit
  • Costume Elephant Hat
  • Costume Cat Ear Hat
  • Costume Pretty Bear
  • Costume Black Cat Hood
  • Costume Pig Nose
  • Costume Tiger Face
  • Costume Black and White Temptation
  • Costume Flying Helmet
  • Costume Sky Helm
  • Costume Wrapping Cloth
  • Costume Crown of Ancient Queen
  • Costume Wing of Happiness
  • Costume Rabbit Ribbon
  • Costume Gram Peony
  • Costume Magical Feather
  • Costume Cat Lace Hairband
  • Costume Survival Circlet
  • Costume White Ribbon
  • Costume Pink Drooping Kitty
  • Costume Blue Rear Ribbon
  • Costume White Rose Princess
  • Costume First Love Cheeks
  • Costume White Lily With Black Ribbon
  • Costume Rune Helm
  • Costume Shaving Foam
  • Costume Sheep Hat
  • Costume Brown Stole
  • Costume Piggyback
  • Costume Teddy Bear Hood
  • Costume Happy Droopy Lunatic Ears (Black)
  • Costume Mouton Life (Blue)
  • Costume Soft Sheep Hat
  • Costume Tiger Mask
  • Costume Valhalla Idol
  • Costume Red Wing Hat
  • Costume Strawberry In Mouth
  • Costume Eden Group Hat II
  • Costume White Rabbit
  • Costume Warm Cat Muffler
  • Costume Blinking Eyes
  • Costume Black Magenta Ribbon
  • Costume Tail Hat


On May 23 the following Costume Boxes will become available for sale:

  • May 2017 Costume Box
  • April 2017 Costume Box
  • June 2017 Costume box
  • Love Garden Costume Box
  • Fluffy Costume Egg
  • April 2018 Costume Box


As part of the Festival of Fashion, we are bringing back many of the costumes awarded during previous events. For more details and a chance to win these rare costumes, please check back here soon!


Festival of Fashion Limited Costume Preview


12 Days of Christmas Raffle Giveaways!


Ragnarok Online / RE:START 12 Days of Christmas Raffle Giveaway!




We're ringing in the holiday season with a raffle event unlike any other! Hold onto your hats, folks, we've got some cool prizes for you to win!


Starting Thursday, December 14, we'll be drawing raffle prizes every day for 12 days straight! Here's how it works:


  • Each day, we will draw a total of 31 daily prizes from a pool of qualified players
  • 15 winners will receive the Costume of the Day
  • 15 winners will receive a code for 500 WPE
  • 1 lucky winner will receive the Daily Big Prize
  • At the end of the event, we will draw from all qualifying entries over the course of the event to pick one Grand Prize Winner!


How to Enter


Gaining entries into the daily raffle is easy! All you have to do is qualify in one of two ways:

  • 1 Daily Entry for having VIP active
  • 1 Entry per 100 Kafra Points spent (per day)

That's all! As long as you meet those qualifications on any given day during the event, you automatically have an entry into the raffle and have a shot at winning the prizes!


Daily Prizes


Day 1: Thursday, December 14
15 Winners
Costume Full Bloom Hairpin
15 Winners
Code for 500 WPE
1 Daily Big Prize Winner
Gravity Pen + Random Ragnarok Swag
Day 2: Friday, December 15
15 Winners
Costume Choir Hat
15 Winners
Code for 500 WPE
1 Daily Big Prize Winner
Gravity Pen + Random Ragnarok Swag
Day 3: Saturday, December 16
15 Winners
Costume Cold Protection Hat
15 Winners
Code for 500 WPE
1 Daily Big Prize Winner
Gravity Pen + Random Ragnarok Swag
Day 4: Sunday, December 17
15 Winners
Costume Valhalla Idol
15 Winners
Code for 500 WPE
1 Daily Big Prize Winner
Gravity Pen + Random Ragnarok Swag
Day 5: Monday, December 18
15 Winners
Costume Red Wing Hat
15 Winners
Code for 500 WPE
1 Daily Big Prize Winner
Gravity Pen + Random Ragnarok Swag
Day 6: Tuesday, December 19
15 Winners
Costume Strawberry in Mouth
15 Winners
Code for 500 WPE
1 Daily Big Prize Winner
Gravity Pen + Random Ragnarok Swag
Day 7: Wednesday, December 20
15 Winners
Costume Eden Group Hat II
15 Winners
Code for 500 WPE
1 Daily Big Prize Winner
Gravity Pen + Random Ragnarok Swag
Day 8: Thursday, December 21
15 Winners
Costume White Rabbit
15 Winners
Code for 500 WPE
1 Daily Big Prize Winner
Gravity Pen + Random Ragnarok Swag
Day 9: Friday, December 22
15 Winners
Costume Warm Cat Muffler
15 Winners
Code for 500 WPE
1 Daily Big Prize Winner
Gravity Pen + Random Ragnarok Swag
Day 10: Saturday, December 23
15 Winners
Costume Blinking Eyes
15 Winners
Code for 500 WPE
1 Daily Big Prize Winner
Gravity Pen + Random Ragnarok Swag
Day 11: Sunday, December 24
15 Winners
Costume Black Magenta Ribbon
15 Winners
Code for 500 WPE
1 Daily Big Prize Winner
Gravity Pen + Random Ragnarok Swag
Day 12: Monday, December 25
15 Winners
Costume Tail Hat
15 Winners
Code for 500 WPE
1 Daily Big Prize Winner
Gravity Pen + Random Ragnarok Swag


The Grand Prize


After the event is finished on December 25, we'll pool together all valid entries that existed during the event and choose one at random to receive our Grand Prize!


Grand Prize: Ragnarok-Themed Bottle & Towel Set

AND A custom watercolor painting of your character done by JelloShaker! *

* PG-13, bust-up only, 6x6 inches. To be delivered February 2018.



Event Details


  • The event will start on Thursday, December 15 and end on Monday, December 25.
  • To meet the KP qualifications for the daily raffle, KP must be purchased on the same day.Example:
    • 100 KP spent on Day 2 = 1 entry for Day 2 raffle
    • 200 KP spent on Day 3 = 2 entries for Day 3 raffle
    • However, all those entries will count toward the final drawing for the Grand Prize!
  • Grand Prize drawing will pull from all entries during the event period.
  • Users may only win one Grand Prize and One Daily Big Prize during the event.
  • Physical goods (such as the Daily Big Prizes and the Grand Prize) can only be shipped to Canada and continental United States. Should you win one of these prizes from outside the shipping area, you will be given two options:
    • Pay the shipping costs to receive the physical goods
    • Receive an alternate prize:
      • 3000 WPE as Grand Prize
      • 1000 WPE as Daily Big Prize
  • Daily Big Prize winners and Grand Prize winners will be contacted via email from community@warpportal.com for shipping information. Please add this email address to your contact list to ensure you receive it if and when the time comes!