Patch Notes - 7/12/2017


Weekly Maintenance will occur on Wednesdays, 11AM–2PM PDT.




  • Fishing Festival quest descriptions have been added. A timer will now be visible for each fishing hole. 
  • The Final Tester NPC in the Training Grounds will teleport you if you pick the Mage option. 
  • The Style NPC in Alberta will now accept the correct Hairstyle Coupon.
  • Guide Jewarker NPC now speaks English!
  • Silvervine Quests have been edited and will display the right information.
  • All Silvervine can be stacked. 
  • Moved the Adventurer NPC's in Izlude back on land. 


  • Summer Fishing Festival Continues!
    • Talk to Westley on the Alberta Docks. There are a variety of rewards that are now available! :)
  • Costume Box II: Gothic Egg
    • Costume Box I is staying for a little while, so new players just joining us can continue to buy.
  • Race to Second Job Event continues until August 30th
    • Any character that reaches second job during this event will get a unique reward.
    • Reward distribution starts! Speak to the Silvervine NPC in Prontera to claim your reward of a Costume King Poring Hat.


  • Silvervine System
    • Fixed quest descriptions
    • Stacker has been fixed. It will now stack quest and Item Mall Silvervine. 

We are constantly looking into the lag issues and doing map redistributions to combat this. Thank you for your continued support!

  • Were throwing more hardware at the server. There will be more zones added and we are distributing very high population maps there to combat the lag this week

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