Patch Notes - 11/1/2017





November 1st, 11:00AM - 3:00PM PDT





  • 25% Drops Event ends
  • Refine Event ends
    • Enriched Elunium and Oridecon will return to costing 15 Silvervine.
  • Costume Box 10: Dreamland will be available in the Cash Shop for 100KP or from the Silvervine NPC for 120 Silvervine
  • Older costume boxes, 5-8, will be removed from the Cash Shop next week, be sure to do any last minute costume box shopping this week!
  • Majorous Spawn Increased again (Original 5, Current 50, New 75)
  • Izlude -> Juno Airship will start making round trips.
  • Hypnotist Implemented for characters level 40 and lower.







  • Tune in to Thursday's Rally on RE:START livestream with CM Astra and Jelloshaker at 3PM PDT

Patch Notes - 10/25/2017




October 25th, 11:00AM - 3:00PM PDT



  • Halloween Trick or Treat event begins!
    • Trick or Treaters will be all around Midgard. You can either give them a treat or demand a trick, depending on your actions... something good...or bad... may happen.
  • Disabling Deluge in WoE
  • Skelion will gain the same event effect as Skelly Cat







  • Tune in to tomorrow's Rally on RE:START livestream with CM Astra and Jelloshaker at 3PM PDT! They'll be doing a special event involving prizes, so head over to our Twitch or Youtubechannels at that time to participate!

Patch Notes - 10/18/2017


October 18th, 11:00AM - 3:00PM PDT




    • Costume Box: Spooptacular, will be available for purchase in the Cash Shop for 100KP or from the Silvervine NPC for 120 Silvervine!
    • Adding additional warps in Einbroch maps:
      • einbroch to ein_fild04 
      • ein_fild03 to ein_fild04
      • ein_fild04 to einbroch 
      • ein_fild04 to ein_fild03
      • ein_fild05 to ein_fild06
      • ein_fild05 to ein_fild04
      • ein_fild06 to ein_fild05
      • ein_fild04 to ein_fild05
    • Our Halloween Crossover Event, A Nightmare on Prontera Street, goes live!
      • Adventurers of all stripes are invited to cut loose as famous stage director Cres Wraven weaves a story. Journey through your worse nightmare and to the near future in search of secret clues, but whatever you do, don't fall asleep. 
      • This is a crossover event with Ragnarok 2! You will want to check out their Halloween event too in order to get the full experience! 

Refine event begins 

    and will stay until Nov. 1 - all refine chances will be increased.  
    • Enriched Elunium and Oridecon ??will require only 10 Silvervine to make during the event period.
    • Sale Box of Enriched Elunium and Oridecon will go on sale during the event period.
  • 25% Drops Event Starts until Nov 1





Patch Notes - 10/11/2017




October 11th, 11:00AM - 3:00PM PDT





  • Einbroch/Einbech update will be released!
  • Continuing to adjust EXP and spawn rates for following monsters:
    • Sting
    • Mi Gao
    • Majorous
  • Silvervine Exchanger will be selling new gears!
  • Talk Like a Pirate Event and Treasure Hunt is ending







  • Costume Headgear Design Contest is ON! Design a headgear and you can see your work in-game and win prizes, too!
  • Rally on RE:START Livestream with CM Astra and CM Jelloshaker returns on Thursday, October 12, at 3PM PDT!
  • Don't forget to tune into SpookPortal this Friday the 13th at 5PM PDT! This week, CM Dragonlark will be playing Alan Wake!

Patch Notes - 10/4/2017



October 4, 10:30AM - 11:15AM PDT




  • NOTE: 10/4 Maintenance will start at 10:30AM and end around 11:15AM PDT. 
  • Happy start of October! Costume Box 8 will be available in the Cash Shop for 100KP and the Silvervine Exchanger for 120 silvervine
  • New spooky hats will be available from the Silvervine Services NPC!
    • Whisper Mask
    • Grim Reaper
    • Angel's Blessing
  • Adjusting EXP and spawn rates for following monsters:
    • Sting
    • Mi Gao
    • Majorous




  • Talk Like a Pirate Event and Treasure Hunt are ongoing until October 12!
    • Treasure Hunt: Pirates have buried treasure across Rune Midgard! As part of this event, a new set of event achievements are being made. Follow the clues in the achievements to find the buried treasure. Each location found brings it's own rewards. Find them all and receive a special costume and title. These achievements can only be completed during the yearly TLAPD event!
  • Costume Box V: Cute Pets
  • Costume Box VI: Fall In
  • Costume Box VII: Fairy Dreams