The Prologue
The scars of an ancient war.

In the long ago times there was a cataclysmic war that nearly caused the destruction of the entire world and its inhabitants. Nearly at the brink and exhausted after a long period of war, the Gods, Humans and Demons agreed to a truce.

For 1000 years a fragile peace existed in Rune Midgard, a time of great prosperity and progress. In this era, the hard won lessons learned were forgotten as human civilization expanded and descended into selfishness, corruption and arrogance.

The peaceful balance that had existed for a millennium was shattered as a strange howl emanated from the nether regions that divided the realms of Gods, Humans and Demons. Once peaceful creatures began attacking villages they had once co-existed with as violent earthquakes tore entire continents apart.

Though the peace that once reigned has been shattered, there are many young adventurers eager to help restore balance to Rune Midgard. Rumors in towns hint of ancient hidden sources of power and of mysterious new lands for those foolish and brave enough to attempt to seek them out.

You are one of these new heroes, and this is your time.