The War of Emperium

The War of Emperium is Ragnarok Online’s signature guild vs. guild competition, pitting warriors from around the world against each other in a weekly test of skill and strategy.

Have fun storming the castle!

During WoE, guilds fight to capture and hold castles. The guild in possession of a castle when WoE ends gets to hold on to it until the next WoE. During this time, that guild will have access to bonuses like guild treasure, guild dungeons and the new Investment System.

There are two editions of War of Emperium, which take place on different days.

Attacking in WoE 1 involves fighting though multiple rooms in a castle, with the objective of breaching the emperium room’s defenders and destroying the Emperium, while the Defending team attempts to stop them. It takes a strong and coordinated push to get past the many spells and attacks that defenders shower on the entrances to crucial rooms.

Attacking in WoE 2 involves much larger maps that are not divided up by portals, instead attackers are stopped by invincible barricades. They must fight past guardians and rival guilds to destroy guardian stones, which control the barricades. Though the defenders can repair the stones to restore the barricades, it gives the attackers a window of opportunity!

Key to Victory, the 'Emperium'

The guild that destroys the Emperium inside the castle become the new owner.

Guard of the Castle, the 'Guardian'

The powerful NPC guardians protect the castle from invaders by blocking their attacks.

The Guild's Symbol,'Guild Flag'

The guild who takes over the castle will have a flag with their emblem on it displayed in front of castle.

Renewal Chaos Wednesday WoE 1 Saturday WoE 2
3 pm ~ 5 pm [PST] 4 pm ~ 6 pm [PST]
Classic Loki Saturday WoE 1 WoE 2
1 pm ~ 3 pm [PST]

NPCs that help Monster taming

Monster Tamer
Found in the buildings of Alberta, Izlude, and Al De Baran, these NPCs have some of the items necessary for taming and pet accessories available for purchase.